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Our Story

The Schaefer Denture Clinic is a family-owned and operated denture lab that has been serving the Edmonton community for over 60 years. We always strive to provide our patients with the highest quality dentures services, backed by state-of-the-art technology and a team of skilled technicians.

Schaefer Denture Clinic
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To Restore Smiles, One Patient at a Time

Genuinely dedicated to improving the health, function, and aesthetics of our patients’ smiles, we are committed to providing high-quality dentures that exceed expectations.

Here at Schaefer Denture Clinic, you matter. We believe in treating every patient with compassion and respect, ensuring that you feel confident and happy with your new smile.

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To Be Known as Edmonton's Leading Denture Lab

As one of the most trusted denture labs in Edmonton, we are dedicated to earning and maintaining our reputation as the region’s go-to destination for quality dental work.

Through continuous innovation and a commitment to providing exceptional service, we strive to be at the forefront of our industry.

Where Your Comfort is Our Priority


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We Teach

We are constantly learning and seeking to improve our skills so that we can help you understand your dentures better. Our denturists will guide you through the entire denture-making process, as well as guide you along with aftercare and denture maintenance.

We Care

We are committed to providing the best denture care possible, and that means putting you first. Don’t hesitate to talk to us about your dental health concerns, or budget. We can work something out.


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We Bring Smiles

We know that a healthy, beautiful smile can transform someone's life. That's why we're dedicated to making high-quality dentures accessible to everyone, so you can enjoy the confidence and happiness that comes with a great smile.


Meet The Team

Marci Bartlett wearing pink medical scrubs.
Marci Bartlett
Joshua Schaefer wearing blue medical scrubs.
Joshua Schaefer, DD
Barbara Schaefer wearing a white laboratory gown.
Barbara Schaefer, DD
Gerhard smiling for a picture.
Gerhard John Schaefer, DD, FCAD, Reg. DT (ret.)
Sussane Schaefer smiling for a picture.
Susanne Schaefer
Marci Bartlett wearing pink medical scrubs.
Marci Bartlett
Sussane Schaefer smiling for a picture.
Susanne Schaefer
Marci Bartlett wearing pink medical scrubs.
Marci Bartlett
Sussane Schaefer smiling for a picture.
Susanne Schaefer
Martina Sucic
Martina Sucic, DD

What Our Clients Say About Us

Sonja IkovicSonja Ikovic
02:12 28 Oct 22
I highly recommend Schaefer Denture Clinic; friendly, helpful personnel with excellent customer service and a high professional standard.I was a patient of Martina, and she did magic for me.
22:34 17 Oct 22
If a 10-star rating were available, I would gratefully hand it to this team of talented, empathetic and funny people. While the news that my permanent teeth had to be replaced with a denture was devastating, the resulting new smile is way beyond expectation. My dentist was super impressed with Martina's excellent work, as am I. Thank you, thank you to this family team for your kindness and compassion and for all you do to make your clients smile brightly again!
Jacob StrasbourgJacob Strasbourg
00:43 17 Aug 22
Extremely professional clinic! They treat clients with the utmost respect and their work is impeccable. If you want your dentures to last 20+ years, this is the place to go.
Thomas HommyThomas Hommy
01:20 09 Jul 22
Just got my new teeth today and very HAPPY with them The staff was very nice and paid great attention to detail. I will be recommending them to any one that needs work on their dentures. As they will take that one step above and beyond to make sure you are happy Thank you once again to Josh and all the staff it was a very pleasant experience.
Dave ToewsDave Toews
04:49 26 Nov 21
I have been going to Schaefer Denture Clinic for many years. They are experts in their field., kind, friendly and caring. They take the time to answer any questions you may have. I have received many compliments on my new dentures. Highly recommended! Warmest thanks to the Schaefer team for all they do! Marion T

Some of Our Previous Work

Restore Your Ability To Eat, Speak, and Smile Confidently

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    Marci Bartlett wearing pink medical scrubs.

    Hello, I’m Marci. I will most likely be the first face you see when you walk into the clinic or the voice you hear when you call!

    I’m a proud mother of three daughters. In my spare time, I enjoy watching motocross, spending time with my daughters, or relaxing at home. I also enjoy travelling, when it is possible.

    I look forward to seeing you soon. I’m always happy to help!

    – Marci

    Joshua Schaefer wearing blue medical scrubs.

    Hello, my name is Joshua Schaefer. I am 30 years old, and I graduated from NAIT in 2017 from the Denturist Program. It had been a goal of mine to become a denturist for quite a while. It all started when I was six years old. My mom (Barbara Schaefer) would bring me into the denture clinic with her and let me play around with wax and teeth. When I was eight years old, I told my mom I wanted to be a denturist. She agreed and encouraged me but did not “hold her breath” because you and I both know that kids say the silliest things!

    However, by the time I was 12, I had a lot more exposure to the family denture clinic. I would go to work when I had a day off school and even helped out on summer vacations. When I was in Senior High School, I searched online for the requirements for the Denturist Program at NAIT. This was the time I really set my sights on becoming a denturist.

    After graduating high school, I took some time off school to work and earned some money to travel the world and pay for my schooling. After backpacking in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia with my younger brother for 75 days in 2013-14, I was accepted into the denturist program at NAIT. Now I could start working towards my goal of becoming a Denturist.

    I have since travelled again with my younger brother. We went to the Philippines for a month. We saw the most beautiful beaches and met many very nice people! I enjoyed travelling pre-COVID-19, and I look forward to travelling again once it’s a bit more safe. In my spare time, I enjoy being active, spending time with my friends and skiing when the weather permits me to do so!

    I am happy to be giving amazing new smiles to all my patients, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. I am a 3rd generation denturist, following in my mom’s footsteps while she is following in my grandfather, Gerhard Schaefer’s footsteps. So, I guess you could say it’s in my blood! Hopefully, we will see you in our office soon!

    – Joshua

    Barbara Schaefer wearing a white laboratory gown.

    My name is Barbara Schaefer and I have been a denturist for 35+ years. When I first started working as a denturist, I was trained by my father Gerhard Schaefer; early in my career, it was just the two of us running the clinic. Since then I have gone on to train as a dental lab technician and have helped train my son (Joshua Schaefer) as a denturist.

    During my many years practicing I have learned a lot and watched the clinic grow from a 2-person team to a 4-person team. While our team has gotten bigger the Schaefer Denture Clinic still feels like a very intimate family-run business. From the moment you walk in the door, you will be greeted by any one of our friendly team members, including the two other denturists (Martina and Joshua) or Marci, who works at our front end.

    I am a very patient-oriented person. My number one concern is your satisfaction. Our team, myself included will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the fit, function, and look of your denture. It would be our pleasure to help you achieve that healthy natural smile that you have always wanted. I can’t wait to have the chance to meet you!

    – Barbara

    Gerhard smiling for a picture.
    After high school graduation, I became a German-trained dental technician followed by five semesters of studying dentistry. Immigrating to Canada in 1957, I worked as a dental technician in Edmonton before successfully challenging the exams to become a licensed denturist.
    As the former owner of Schaefer Dental Laboratory and Schaefer Denture Clinic, I mentored my daughter Barbara, DD, RDT to become a successful member of the dental profession. With the help of my wife Susanne, a retired pharmacist and our business manager, we raised five children who have all become professional people in their own right.
    – GJS

    After opening the clinic 65 years ago, my husband (Gerhard Schaefer) and I worked very hard to get it running. I was doing a lot of work in reception and bookkeeping. I have since retired and now enjoy gardening and spending time with my many grandchildren.

    We are quite blessed to have our daughter (Barbara Schaefer) and our grandson (Joshua Schaefer) looking after the clinic for us now. We know it is in good hands.

    – Susanne

    Martina Sucic

    My name is Martina, and I am a Denturist here at Schaefer Denture Clinic.

    I have always been interested in oral health and knew since early age that I wanted to work in a dental profession. Throughout high school, I worked at a retirement home, and that allowed me to peek into the world of dentures. The fascination grew quickly, and next thing I knew I got accepted into the Denturist program at NAIT in 2019. I have been working with Schaefer Denture Clinic since Aug, 2022.

    In my free time you can find me at the gym or enjoying nature. I also love to spend time with family and friends, often playing games and enjoying good food. I also speak fluent Croatian.

    I am consistently inspired by each patient I meet, and love working together towards creating their ideal smile.