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Denture Repairs

Keep Your Dentures Secured

Dentures are fragile things that need to be handled with care. But in case it snaps, you can have them repaired by a prosthodontist.

Over time, dentures can deteriorate and be brittle, especially if it’s not well taken care of. So if it starts to become uncomfortable and loose, you can have it relined and adjusted with Schaefer Denture Clinic.

An implant denture with metal clips and white denture mold.

Denture Repairs We Offer


To better fit your dentures into your mouth, relines can be performed to fix the lining of your dentures. This will help in making the false teeth sit comfortably on the roof or base of your mouth.


Quite similar to relines, rebasing is the reprocessing of your dentures. It will be sent back to the dental laboratory, then replace nearly all of the pink acrylic material with a new one.


The tissues of our mouth adjust and grow inevitably over time. Eventually, your dentures will start to feel loose and unstable—this is where denture adjustments take place.

When To Get Relines

Since dentures are just false teeth, it does not grow with the mouth. Over time, your bone structure and mouth tissues change, that’s why your denture may fall off or start to feel uncomfortable.

You should get your dentures relined when:

  • It starts to feel loose.
  • It feels like falling off when you’re speaking, chewing, or laughing.
  • Sores start to form in the inside of your mouth.

When this happens, consider consulting your dentist about relining. They would suggest getting either a hard reline or a soft reline.

A hard denture reline involves scraping off a part of the denture’s acrylic, replacing it with putty. It is recommended for full dentures to have this reline every two years.

A soft denture reline is for patients who experience sore spots, pain, and discomfort while wearing their current denture. The dentist will scrape off the denture’s acrylic base, replacing it with a softer one. However, this reline should be redone every one or two years.

a dentist shaping a denture
a dental technician making a denture.

When To Get Rebase

Rebasing renews your dentures’ lifespan. Thus, you should rebase your dentures every five to seven years to keep them functioning properly.

However, if you notice the following symptoms, you should call your dentist and consider having a rebase:

  • Acrylic base starts to weaken
  • Damaged denture
  • If you’re considering changing to a permanent denture.

If your denture does not fit your mouth like before and relining is not an option anymore, rebasing is the next best option.

When To Get Denture Adjustments

If you’ve been wearing your dentures for quite some time now, here are some things you should observe:


  • Broken teeth
  • Denture cracks
  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Changes in the fit of your dentures
  • Discomfort


There is no specific time or month that can determine when you should get your dentures adjusted, however, it is encouraged that you observe the above-mentioned signs.

Denture Repairs We Offer

Regular Cleanups

Treat your dentures like real teeth, so be sure to clean it at least once or twice a day. Use a soft-bristled brush and mild denture soap to avoid plaque and build up or food debris.

Handle with Care

Dentures can break easily if mishandled. When cleaning them, take your time and use a soft towel when drying. Do not use any toothpaste or whitening products on them, harsh chemicals can taint them

Soak Your Dentures in Warm Water

When you remove your dentures at night, soak it in a container with cold or warm water only. Remember to not sleep wearing your dentures at night.

Repair vs Replacement


Denture repairs are a cost-effective option for most. Opt for this if:

  • The dentures’ teeth cracked.
  • Mouth sores appear—this may indicate you need a denture repair.
  • The denture is loose in fitting.

Repairs would typically be done in just a few days, extending the life of your current prosthetic teeth.


Here are some signs that indicate that you need to replace your dentures:

  • The dentures’ base broke.
  • It starts to have a foul taste and odor.
  • Worn down due to age.
  • The color of the dentures started to change.

Dentures are only expected to last about 5 to 10 years. Anything more than that, you should get a denture replacement, especially if a repair can no longer fix the denture.

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