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Immediate Dentures

Protect Your Gums While You Heal

Immediate surgical dentures are designed to protect your gums and jawbone as they heal following dental extractions. Immediate surgical dentures function and look just like regular dentures. You can eat, speak, and smile with confidence while still allowing your gums and jawbone to heal. As your gums and bone heal, the dentures will become loose. We will refit the dentures for you as your bone continues to heal.
A dental laboratory technician making a denture model and A hallway towards the entrance of a dental clinic.

Our Immediate Surgical Denture Process

Initial Assessment

One of our highly specialized denturists will assess your current dental situation and determine if removing any natural teeth is necessary. We will then refer you to a dentist for x-rays and further assessment of the health of your natural teeth.

Denture Fabrication

After deciding to get an immediate denture, impressions will be taken. The new teeth will be chosen, and tried in your mouth if possible. Once the look of the teeth has been decided, our denturists will begin the fabrication of your immediate denture.

Extractions and Denture Placement

At this stage, your teeth will be extracted, either partially or completely, depending on your treatment plan. After surgery, the immediate denture may need to be adjusted to your mouth. Typically, dental extractions and the insertion of the denture are done during the same appointment.

Post Extraction Care

Your gums and bone will heal and change drastically in the first year. During this year the dentures will become loose and ill-fitting. Your denturist will place a temporary material inside the denture to allow it to fit better, while you continue to heal. This may need to happen multiple times.

Denture Maintenance

If you are in any pain please call the clinic and book an adjustment. Adjustments are included for the first year. It is highly recommended to remove and brush your dentures and gums at least twice daily. After one year your bone will be fully healed and your dentures will be permanently refitted to your gums.

A man getting his teeth extracted and A dentist cleaning a denture model.

Surgery Aftercare and Denture Maintenance

Here are some things you should do after your dental surgery for the wounds to heal properly, and to help the dentures be as healthy for you as long as possible.

Denture Maintenance:
  1. Keep your dentures in for 24 hours post-extractions. Take them out the next day after washing your hands.
  2. Rinse the denture inside and out, carefully using a denture brush and water. Soap is recommended to help clean the dentures.
  3. After 48 hours begin taking the dentures out twice daily to brush.
  4. Wearing the dentures as much as possible will help you get used to them faster.
  5. If there is any pain that lasts longer than 2 days, call to book an adjustment with your denturist.


Dental Surgery Aftercare:
  1. After 48 hours, When removing your denture for cleaning, rinse your mouth with a flat teaspoon of salt in 250ml+ of water. Do this very gently, as vigorous rinsing can cause the blood clots to come loose.
  2. Have liquid/soft food for the first few days after the surgery. Avoid crunchy, chewy or hard foods in the meantime.
  3. Keep the extraction site clean. Gently rinse the area with an antimicrobial mouthwash if needed. In the meantime, avoid brushing over the wounds, but brush your remaining natural teeth as you would.
  4. Until the wounds heal shut, instead of brushing the gums, use your toothbrush as a broom and sweep your gums lightly. This will stimulate healing and help remove any bacteria from the tissues.
  5. Take medications as advised by your dentist.


You Want To Protect Your Gums and Jawbone

Immediate dentures are a great option for those who have undergone dental surgery or extractions and want to protect their gums and jawbone as they heal.

You Need Immediate Function of Your Teeth

If you do not want to go without teeth while waiting for traditional dentures, immediate surgical dentures can provide the function you need right away.

You Want a Temporary Solution

Immediate surgical dentures do not have to be permanent and can be replaced once your gums and jawbone have fully healed. They can serve as a great temporary solution until traditional or implant dentures can be fitted. This will allow for the looks of the denture to be custom tailored to your exact wants and needs.


We believe one of a person’s best assets is their smile.

For more than 65 years, we have been helping our patients transition into prosthetic teeth, improve their overall oral health, and regain confidence in showing off their best assets.

With our experienced Denturists and skilled dental laboratory technicians, we will guide you in every step of the process to assure you that your teeth are in good hands.

A dentist taking out a mouth impression from their client.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Your smile is rewarding enough on its own, but it's always nice to hear it from our satisfied patients too.

Sonja IkovicSonja Ikovic
02:12 28 Oct 22
I highly recommend Schaefer Denture Clinic; friendly, helpful personnel with excellent customer service and a high professional standard.I was a patient of Martina, and she did magic for me.
22:34 17 Oct 22
If a 10-star rating were available, I would gratefully hand it to this team of talented, empathetic and funny people. While the news that my permanent teeth had to be replaced with a denture was devastating, the resulting new smile is way beyond expectation. My dentist was super impressed with Martina's excellent work, as am I. Thank you, thank you to this family team for your kindness and compassion and for all you do to make your clients smile brightly again!
Jacob StrasbourgJacob Strasbourg
00:43 17 Aug 22
Extremely professional clinic! They treat clients with the utmost respect and their work is impeccable. If you want your dentures to last 20+ years, this is the place to go.
Thomas HommyThomas Hommy
01:20 09 Jul 22
Just got my new teeth today and very HAPPY with them The staff was very nice and paid great attention to detail. I will be recommending them to any one that needs work on their dentures. As they will take that one step above and beyond to make sure you are happy Thank you once again to Josh and all the staff it was a very pleasant experience.
Dave ToewsDave Toews
04:49 26 Nov 21
I have been going to Schaefer Denture Clinic for many years. They are experts in their field., kind, friendly and caring. They take the time to answer any questions you may have. I have received many compliments on my new dentures. Highly recommended! Warmest thanks to the Schaefer team for all they do! Marion T
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