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Partial Dentures

Fill in Gaps in Your Smile

Partial Dentures are removable prostheses that can replace one or multiple missing teeth in your mouth. Partial dentures normalize your chewing and talking, and can preserve the placement of your remaining teeth— halting their shifting over time.

These dentures’ removable nature makes them easier to clean and this helps reduces the risk of developing cavities that could affect your healthy teeth.

A set of partial dentures with metal clasps and A dental technician making a partial denture.

What To Expect When You Get Partial Dentures?

Replace Missing Teeth

If one or more teeth have been extracted, a partial denture is a good option to replace them.

Denture Fabrication

With dentures, speaking and eating are made easier—just as it was when you had complete teeth.

Maintain Jaw Structure

They can provide the stability that your natural teeth give to each other. With a new complete set of teeth, your jaw bone’s structure can also be maintained.

Restore Your Smile

Partial dentures are the easiest and most affordable way of having a complete set of teeth again, making you smile brighter once more.

A dentist holding dental equipment and Decaying teeth on the upper mouth.

Are Partial Dentures for You?

You’re a good candidate for partial dentures if:

  1. You’ve lost teeth after suffering an injury
  2. Multiple teeth have been extracted
  3. Some of your teeth are starting to decay


Partial dentures can be for anyone that still has remaining healthy, natural teeth in their mouth. To check on your teeth’s health, consult your dentist.

Partial Dentures Homecare Tips


Clean your dentures twice a day

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your partial denture and your natural teeth.


Be gentle with your partial dentures

Remove them gently and insert them carefully. Improper placement and removal, such as “biting them into place” can cause damage to your dentures or your natural teeth.


Remove it before sleeping

Leave your dentures out overnight. You can soak them, or leave them to dry. The gums need a break from the dentures. Make sure to brush the dentures after removal and before inserting them in the morning.


Visit your dental professional regularly

If your dentures crack or it starts getting loose, don’t hesitate to visit your denturist. Most importantly, if your natural teeth feel odd, consult your dentist immediately. Yearly visits are a must, and we recommend a tooth cleaning at least every six months.

Partial Denture Fabrication Process

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First, we’ll assess how your natural teeth are doing, as well as your gum health. We will then work with your dentist so we see what teeth can still be restored and what needs to be extracted.

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Once we know what are your “anchor” teeth, we’ll now take an impression of the teeth and gums. This will now be sent to the laboratory to start making your custom-fit metal framework, or “skeleton” of the partial denture.

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Frame and Tooth Try in

Once the metal frame is back from the lab we will try it in your mouth to ensure it fits. We will also look at a shape and shade of tooth to match your natural teeth. This will ensure we have the best look and fit possible.

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One of our denturists will finish your dentures in our in-house lab. We will then insert the dentures. At this point we will teach you how to place and remove your dentures, as well as assess the final fit and bite of the dentures.

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