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Meet the Team

Barbara Schaefer wearing a white laboratory gown.
My name is Barbara Schaefer and I have been a denturist for 35+ years. When I first started working as a denturist, I was trained by my father Gerhard Schaefer; early in my career, it was just the two of us running the clinic. Since then I have gone on to train as a dental lab technician and have helped train my son (Joshua Schaefer) as a denturist.

During my many years practicing I have learned a lot and watched the clinic grow from a 2-person team to a 5-person team. While our team has gotten bigger the Schaefer Denture Clinic still feels like a very intimate family-run business. From the moment you walk in the door you will be greeted by any one of our friendly team members, including the two other denturists (Madison, and Joshua) or my son Jeremy who works at our front end.

I am a very patient-oriented person. My number one concern is your satisfaction. Our team, myself included will go above and beyond to make
sure you are happy with the fit, function and look of your denture. It would be our pleasure to help you achieve that healthy natural smile that you have always wanted. I can’t wait to have the chance to meet you!
– Barbara