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Denture Aftercare

Ensure a Lifetime of Smiles with Proper Denture Care

Dentures can’t match your natural teeth’s quality. While its appearance can be similar to your teeth, it’s made of acrylic that can only withstand certain degrees of pressure. Over time, it can break, crack, or misalign.

So while you are adjusting to your new pair of prosthetic teeth, here are a few things you can do to maintain your dentures, and perhaps prolong their life.

a dentist cleaning a denture with a toothbrush.

How to Keep Your Dentures in Great Shape

How to Keep Your Dentures in Great Shape

Things to Avoid with Your Dentures

  1. Harmful Chemicals : When cleaning your dentures, do not use bleach or any household chemicals! It is best to use cleaning agents made specifically for dentures or teeth. 
  2. Teeth Whitening Products : Your dentures do not need bleach and other whitening components. Rather than “whitening” the teeth, discoloration would take place, affecting both false teeth and their metal bridges. 
  3. Abrasive Cleaning Materials : Only use soft-bristled toothbrushes, and do not brush too hard. Remember that if you brush too hard, you can wear your dentures down prematurely. 
  4. Sharp Objects : Objects like metal toothpicks or dental scrapers can easily damage your dentures. Refrain from using these.
a dentist using a dental mirror while holding a denture model.

Denture Products We Recommend

Here are some denturist-approved denture products you might want to use for your denture maintenance.


Renew is a dental appliance soak only sold by dental professionals. It is highly efficient at softening build up and staining on dentures or dental appliances. This all around soak should be used for 20-30 minutes max, up to once a day depending on your needs.


Sometimes dentures need a little bit of extra hold to keep them in place. If your gums are healing, or you don't have much bone left to hold the dentures in place, Fixodent can give you that added hold and feeling of security you might be looking for.

Polident Daily Care Cleanser

Good for daily use; gentle to dentures than regular toothpaste.

Polident Overnight Daily Cleanser

Helps remove stains from dentures soaked overnight.

Polident Partials Daily Cleanser

Best for partial dentures that have metal bridges and clips.
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